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Should Insurance Companies Pay for Water Damage Restoration Services?

In the world of insurance, water damage claims remain one of the most common types of property claims nationwide. In fact, water damage is one of the largest expenses an insurance company will handle in its lifetime as a business. This often results in headaches for property owners, who must now jump through many hoops required by the insurance company to receive a fair settlement. Still, you need the insurance money to cover the cost of water damage restoration services. It’s often too expensive to just pay out-of-pocket, without any help from the insurance provider.

Whether or not your insurance company covers the cost of water damage restoration services depends on the type of water damage. Only certain instances are covered. For example, damage from a long-time leak will quite possibly not be covered under your insurance policy.

Water Damage Insurance Tips

As we said, it depends solely on the type of water damage in your home. The scope of the damage is also an issue. As a homeowner, it’s likely you don’t have vast experience assessing property damage – you may easily underestimate the situation. Consider receiving an assessment from a professional restoration company beforehand. Then, once you have that comprehensive written assessment in-hand, contact your insurance provider.

Keep your claim moving forward with the following tips:

  • Mitigation – It’s always smart to begin the mitigation process at once to reduce the risk of further water damage. However: Do not start the water damage restoration process just yet. Restoration should begin after your insurance company has agreed to provide coverage for the scope of the damage.
  • Documentation – Be sure to request documentation, including a certified copy of your insurance contract. Also, be sure to take your own documentation in the form of photos or videos of the damage.
  • Estimates – Obtain a comprehensive estimate from a reputable restoration company beforehand. This estimate will help determine the cost of repairs and restoration that you’ll need covered by the insurance company.

Why Is Coverage Denied?

There are cases where the insurance company will deny you coverage for water damage. To ensure your coverage is not denied in the event of a disaster, follow these tips:

  • Records – Maintain thorough records of repairs completed by the experts you hired to perform maintenance in your home over the years. (Yes, keep those estimates and receipts!)
  • Coverage – Be sure to understand your insurance coverage policy – that includes exclusions – and your responsibilities.
  • Maintenance – Every spring and fall at the very least, perform maintenance throughout your home, especially on the plumbing system and water-based appliances. It’s a wise move.
  • Insurance – Purchase the top insurance policy for your area and determine whether you require extra coverage from the insurance company. Extra coverage can be the deciding factor in whether your water damage claim will be accepted or not.

If your home has suffered extensive water damage, contact Restoration 1 of Tulsa for prompt water damage restoration services. Call us anytime at (918) 844-4900. We are the leading provider of water damage restoration in our area, helping homeowners and local businesses year-round.

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