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How to Spot Hidden Leaks Around Your Home

Leaks that lead to water damage are beyond frustrating when you see them occurring, but most of the time through fast action, you can stop the issue quickly before any permanent damage takes hold. But what about when leaks are secretly wreaking havoc on internal areas of your home? Hidden leaks often go on for days or even weeks without homeowners noticing, so it is important to know some of the most important ways to spot hidden leaks around your Tulsa home.

Water Spots

The most obvious sign that you have an internal leak somewhere behind the walls is a water spot. These large, discolored spots are wet to the touch and may be textured. Once the source of the water has been found and the damage mitigated, you can likely expect to replace the panel of drywall. Even if it has been dried and determined to be mold-free, it will not look the same, so it’s best to replace.

A Musty Odor

Have you ever left a load of laundry in the washing machine for an extended period of time? When you open the machine, your clothes do not smell nearly as fresh as they did when the cycle initially ended. This is because being trapped in a dark, moist environment allowed the onset formation of mildew. With mold and mildew, you have a pungent, musty odor, which almost always signifies growth and a moisture source. Should you notice that smell anywhere in your home, look around closely for any accompanying spots or pooling. This could mean there is a hidden leak nearby.

A Spike in Your Water Bill

If you think a slow drip from your faucet in the bathroom upstairs will not make any significant difference in your water payments, think again. A leak of any kind will add up the longer it is allowed to go on, and any professional will tell you that the first place to look is your water bill. If there are major inconsistencies based on the amount of people in your home or the water demands, you could have a hidden leak somewhere. Even a slow-moving leak will cost you money, and that doesn’t include the cost of remediating the water damage or removing the potential mold infestation.

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The minute you notice any of these signs and think there may be a leak somewhere, turn off your water supply right away and call Restoration 1 of Tulsa. Any time of day or night, we are available to come to your home and resolve any damage that has resulted from your hidden leak. Contact ustoday at (918) 844-4900.

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