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Could a Tornado Hit Your Home in Tulsa, OK?

There are so many homeowners across the U.S. affected by tornadoes each year – and businesses too, of course. There is technically no real “tornado season,” as tornadoes can happen at any time, but in Tulsa we have the most chance of seeing tornadoes in spring to early summer. So, as a homeowner in Tulsa, OK, are you at risk from a tornado? Well naturally, you already know the answer to this question! Up here in Tornado Alley, we unfortunately experience our share of these powerful weather events. No one wants to experience the high winds of tornadic activity or the heavy rain that can accompany them, but they’re a fact of life.

The Power of Storm Damage

The force of a tornado is often intense enough to tear through a development, and your peaceful home could be damaged by powerful winds. A single tornado going through a neighborhood will destroy some homes while causing only slight damage to others. The right wind speeds from a tornado have been known to lift vehicles into the air, turn debris into dangerous missiles, rip off roofs, and so on.

Today, architects and construction companies throughout the country are utilizing unique techniques to withstand the force of tornadic activity. However, a residential property, or a business too for that matter, can only take so much. The force unleashed by a tornado is severe enough to batter down any type of property.

Tornado Damage to Your Home

Your home is an asset. It’s the one item you own on which you’ve probably spent more money than anything else – more than on your vehicle or most of your possessions added together. Unfortunately, a tornado threatens your home, and everything else as well.

From uprooting trees to knocking over the power lines, a tornado is a force of devastation. Let’s take a look at the strength designations for tornadoes and tornado damages:

  • F0 – Light damage to residential properties; shallow-rooted trees may be knocked over; signs are likely damaged
  • F1 – Moderate damage to properties; mobile homes pushed off foundations; moving vehicles are blown off roads
  • F2 – Considerable damage to properties; roofs are torn off their frames; mobiles homes are destroyed; trees are uprooted
  • F3 – Severe damage to properties; roofs and walls are torn apart; trains are overturned
  • F4 – Devastating damage to properties; houses are leveled; structures are blown away; cars become missiles
  • F5 – Incredible damage to properties; strong frame houses are leveled; automobiles are flown about; trees are debarked

If your home has experienced significant tornado damage, it’s time to call in the professionals. Call Restoration 1 of Tulsa for storm damage restoration at (918) 844-4900!

“Our Restoration 1 Promise”

Our promise is that we will use the best materials and above code quality craftsmanship to restore your damaged property.

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